Problems After Relocation

There are five major fears that can haunt a person who decides to move to another city or region.

Deterioration of health. Climate change can have both positive and negative effects on well-being. For example, forcing a person to move to the North can result in frequent colds. Moving from the High North to the South to coastal cities can cause problems with pressure, cardiovascular system. To prevent “surprises” in the form of aggravation of diseases or inflammation when moving to another city, you should consult your doctor before leaving, take tests to check the condition of all major systems again, and if there are any problems, take action. When you move, you can find a clinic that offers wellness adaptation programs. This is especially relevant for those who are relocating in the Far North and the Far East.

Lack of friends and relatives. A person is a social person, so it is important for them to find an environment in which they feel comfortable in their new place of residence. Currently, many residential complexes are being built in which people of various social strata are settling. Often there is a situation where people live on the same site, but do not know anything about each other. How can this situation be corrected? Try to get to know each other first on social networks. If you have already moved, you can try to find work in positions such as: journalist, teacher, social worker, photographer, videographer. They most often interact with people, which allows you to quickly make new acquaintances. If you have a dog, it is easy to find buddies among dog owners. As an example, sign up for courses, find classes in the city of your interest or start traveling.

Loss of property. A problem that is usually of concern to women. On the one hand it’s a pity to throw things away, on the other – to pack everything, including the old service, Soviet-era carpets, hand paintings and so on, quite expensive, because you have to order large vans. Some transport companies do not guarantee the safety of the property. Brittle items often break and lose their original appearance during transportation. In order not to darken the move to another city of property damage, you must follow the rules for the packaging of items of different functions.

Put clothes in bags and sign each of them;
easy-to-beat dishes and interior items should be placed in cardboard boxes, with each item wrapped in a rag, special packing paper, or at least a newspaper;
in order not to break household appliances, we place them in foam plastic or bubble wrap depending on the size of the appliances;
the sofa, bed, cabinets and other bulky furniture is dismantled into small parts and elements to make it easier to transport them.

Change of living conditions. After buying a home, you may feel as if the old house or apartment was more familiar. Lack of comfort, “home” feeling is accompanied by anxiety and unwillingness to spend free time at home. Indeed, a new house or apartment is difficult to call home, even if it is your first home. However, the good news is that the disorder associated with moving to a permanent residence is well cured by time.

Experienced designers of construction companies, came to the conclusion that it is possible to create a cozy new apartment and at no great cost. To achieve maximum comfort, it is necessary:

Maintain cleanliness. Daily wet cleaning will create the effect of freshness in the room and will not take much time.

Pay attention to the details of the interior. Patterned curtains, original beautiful dishes, bright cushions, warm plaids and photo cards lift your spirits and create a warm home.

Hang paintings, collages from photos, glue photo wallpaper. Let children smile at you from the walls, and huge landscapes, such fashionable last couple or three years, will brighten up an unremarkable wall.

Ventilate the rooms. Unpleasant smells primarily repel guests and create unpleasant associations with housing and its owners. In addition to the daily opening of the vents, you can buy or make with your own hands a variety of flavourings, such as citrus fruit sachets with dried herbs and crust, aromatherapy sticks and scents, diffusers and candles.

Avoiding most of these problems will help you take a responsible and serious approach to moving to another city. For more information on settlement amenities, please see the results of research by theme agencies and reputable portals.