Useful Relocation Tips

Approaching the planning of apartment moving as thoughtfully as possible, it is necessary to organize the process of moving to a new residential area of high quality and with minimal financial and time costs. Moving, built on the professionalism of specialists in the field of transportation, allows not only to survive the move to another apartment without unnecessary hassle, but also without losses, the most orderly.

For this purpose you should address in the transport company and make the order. All the rest, including full moving of the apartment, will be organized and executed by employees of our company. On the appointed day and hour you will be allocated negotiated and described in the contract mode of transport with a team of professional loaders. Specially trained staff will prepare for transportation all furniture and other bulky things will be loaded into the car using devices to avoid damage. Next, neatly and on time, all items will be moved to the new apartment. Moving an apartment cheaply, quickly and with high quality is possible with Fowler-Orf Moving Company!

Moving inexpensively

When touching the issue of moving a long distance, the price is of paramount importance. Not every logistics company takes cheap apartments for moving. To recoup the cost of transportation and work of loaders, many companies ask too high a price for their services. We, in turn, try to minimize the working time of our employees, as well as optimize the routes used and the capacity of transport. For this reason, year after year, we offer our customers consistently affordable prices for all removals – apartment, office, country houses. In addition, Fowler-Orf Moving Company operates without weekends and holidays, so you can always count on a quick move.
How to properly organize an apartment move – advice from professionals.

Fowler-Orf Moving Company specializes in apartment relocation in the United States. We not only know how to pack your personal belongings, but also how to gently deliver them.

To save your time and effort trained staff can provide additional services for the assembly and disassembly of furniture, packaging for the move, as well as arrangement of furniture, appliances in the new apartment. Special packaging is used to reduce the risks of damage to things. Brigades of professional loaders, trained in new packaging technologies, consolidate them in practice. Transportation of goods is carried out in furniture vans, equipped with belts and fasteners.

Your steps:

– Leave an application on the company’s website and the manager will contact you by phone within a few minutes.
– Call the company number.

When you call, you need to let us know:

– the planned date of relocation or transportation of the property;
– loading and unloading addresses;
– the number of floors in the house and the availability of elevators;
– a detailed list of the property to be moved;
– items that need special attention when you move.

We will take on any move – apartment, office or country house. Carefully planned move on duration should occupy the minimum amount of time, there is no damage to furniture and household items, loss of property, exclude any unplanned expenses. Therefore, the organization of transportation of things we will take care of. And you can fully rely on us! Order an affordable apartment move you can at any time convenient for you on our website.

A few useful tips for moving people:

To avoid confusion and panic at the appointed date and time, you should start packing at least one week in advance;
before you start packing your belongings, you should stock up in advance with materials such as spacious bags, duct tape, cardboard boxes of different sizes, newspaper or wrapping paper, spar and other packing materials;
due consideration should be given to the packaging of books. They can be stacked in medium-sized boxes, bound with spar or a strong rope;
if you’re moving to a new place to live by taking apart cabinets and mezzaninets, think about how much you need these things and whether they should be moved to another place;
when you’re preparing your furniture for transport, you need to disassemble the furniture that you understand, which will greatly facilitate the move;
the most important step is choosing the right transport company. Approaching this issue with the utmost seriousness, you will secure yourself and move as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether it is an apartment move within the city or long-distance move;
we recommend choosing from good companies with positive reputation, offering quality and reliable services. Such companies are responsible for the safety and integrity of property.